As vegans we don’t eat eggs and we live in harmony with fear-free rescued hens.

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The abhorrent industry that forces these sentient beings to live a short (18 month) miserable life cramped into cages and sheds is a human shame that could easily get lost in all the other human shames that could be listed here.
The hens that come to us do not know how to brood as it is in a sense, bred out of them. Denied their natural instincts, they lay their eggs anywhere & everywhere, and then leave them. We collect them to avoid them rotting & stinking & to avoid attracting unwelcome ‘wiggly sticks’ (snakes) onto the property.
More and more people are becoming aware of the cruelty attached to the production of eggs and  have stopped eating them as a result. Funny that we use the same word, production, to talk about sentient beings that we use to describe how we make cars or cookies. See the disconnection?
Buying supermarket eggs funds commercial egg production, which is responsible for the torture and death of millions of chickens and roosters each year.  We look forward to the day when no one ever buys and eats another egg, but until then we provide eggs to people who would otherwise be buying factory farmed eggs.  This is why we sell our eggs for $2 (AU) a dozen. They are cheap and every little bit helps in hurting the human egg harmers …..oops I mean ‘farmers’. We must withhold enough money from them to have them seek another form of income & can only hope it might be in crops or perhaps turn their concentration style sheds into giant mushroom farms. It’s the logical choice considering all that manure already on the ground.
If none of the hens here laid another egg we would be more than happy! We expect nothing from them & will love, care & feed them regardless. There was a time when the egg money was donated to a group of people who rescued hens, but now we use it to buy supplement seed.
We recently lost one of our closet and dearest friends and I feel she helped write this article. Like me, she wants chickens to be free from fear, exploitation and death.
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Bed and Broccoli
Please take a moment to get to know her. It is more than millions of her kind will ever get:
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