About Us

I started Denizen Planet because people, the planet, and all its inhabitants have stories. And I like stories.  Sometimes the stories are told with words, but just as often the stories are told through our art, politics, religion, photography, dance, food, movies, architecture, and music. In the end, we tell our stories by how we chose to live in this world.

As for the name Denizen Planet –  I was originally going to call this website passionate lives, but my sister told me that name might give people the wrong idea…   Hmm. Yeah. OK.

Which was just as well, because the more I thought about a name, the more I realized that I wanted this site to be about more than lives lived passionately.

Denizen Planet is about people who put their hands, minds, and hearts into their lives. Denizen Planet is about all the inhabitants of this planet and about the planet itself.

Denizen Planet is about how we live where we live.

JD Cottier

Last updated February 13th, 2019

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