Sheila was passionate about life and that passion showed in her smile –  a really joyful, happy to be here with you, smile.  That smile reflected the enthusiasm Sheila brought to everyone she met and everything she did in her life, from cooking to photography.


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Sheila had a number of passions in her life including photography, travelling,  music, her family and friends, and cooking.


She never travelled much when she was younger, but once she started she and her partner Margaret really made up for lost time.  They would come home and Sheila would discuss watching giant sea turtles lay eggs at 3 in the morning on some beach on the other side of the world, or show photos taken on a walk that was way off the beaten path.

DSCN0889Margaret enjoying a swim in Zimbabwe, Africa

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Photography was a passion.  She photographed almost everything, from her numerous trips around the world to things that captured her attention at home.  While she loved photography she was not a fan of photo editing software.  When she took a photo that was that – she insisted her photos stand on their own without enhancement.

When Sheila retired she decided to dedicate herself to her passions – photography, cooking,  travelling  …  and then, a few months into retirement, she was diagnosed with ALS.  The first muscles to go were in her hands, which meant she could no longer cook and she could no longer take photographs.

Sheila wrote about her battle with ALS in her blog

In 2012 she wrote:  Living in the present and enjoying it is how I am choosing to conduct my life. It’s not that I don’t have sad moments, but they are acknowledged, accepted, and then they move on.  It’s not going to get me until it gets me !

Sheila became the unofficial face of ALS in British Columbia where she lived. Thousands of people who never met her have been inspired by her incredible attitude.

Sheila took thousands of photos in the past few years.  More of her photos will be added to this site in the next few months.   Any of Sheila’s photos are available for sale for personal use only in exchange for a donation to ALS BC.  The amount of the donation is up to you.  If you would like to buy one of Sheila’s photos please contact me: and I will send you the high resolution photo.  Please send a thumbnail of the photo you want. If you want to know when new photos are added, Like our Facebook page.

Sheila died on October 21, 2015  Click on the link to read a beautiful and moving tribute to Sheila written by her sister Janice Kennedy.

Here is a small sample of Sheila’s work:


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Haida Gwaii Copyright © Sheila TynanCopyright © Sheila Tynan

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6 Responses

  1. Denise Patterson

    I know that Sheila smile, and that Sheila courage. Sheila inspires. These photos are amazing and incredible. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Victoria

    strength in the face of adversity. So inspiring – to see a life so well lived.

  3. TGP

    It takes a lot of courage to smile and be cheerful when you have ALS. Sheila’s story is inspiring.

  4. Ali

    Love that crocodile (alligator) photo.
    I googled her and there are news clips of her doing the ice bucket challenge and talking about ALS. I saw that smile in all the clips. Beautiful Sorry we are losing you Sheila. What an awful disease.

  5. Patricia in Ottawa

    Wow, I had no idea that Sheila was such a gifted photographer. It should come as no surprise that such a courageous woman would have the heart and eyes to capture these special moments in her photographs.

  6. sue Henderson

    Hey Joc

    I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I know how hard this was for you to write, but once again you came through with grace and compassion. Well done my friend. My wish is that she does not suffer any more



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