Homage to a Rural Life by Denis Palmer.  Used with permission. © Denis Palmer

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I have been drawing and painting the people and events of my community, Sawyerville, Qc. and it’s surroundings, since I arrived here in 1979. I am attracted to the character of the people, the work they do, the pace of their lives, the manner in which they seek to maintain harmony with their surroundings, and their responses to change and the passage of time. In conversation I record their knowledge of family, ancestry, community; their long memories for patterns of weather and the seasons, the joyful and difficult times of their past, as well as the flavour of their speech. Homage to a Rural Life is a visual and oral record of lives lived and living yet in this place through drawings, watercolour paintings and text.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Denis Palmer’s book please let us know using the contact us  section on this site.  Let us know where you live and we will get back to you with the shipping cost. The book cost is $35.00 plus shipping.

Grace United Church from the book Homage to a Rural Life, by Denis Palmer

Used with permission. © Denis Palmer


Winter’s Wood from Homage to a Rural Life by Denis Palmer.  Used with permission. © Denis Palmer

Cookstove from Homage to a Rural Life by Denis Palmer.  Used with permission. © Denis Palmer

Waldrons from Homage to a Rural Life by Denis Palmer.  Used with permission. © Denis Palmer

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  1. Patricia Turcotte

    Bravo mrs Palmer pour votre beau livre tres interessant on est le 25 avril 18
    J aimerais beaucoup avoir 2 livre de Hommage a la vie rural

  2. Patricia Turcotte

    Bonjour mrs Denis Palmer j’ai lu votre livre dans une salle d’attente a Rock Forest et je demeure dans la maison des Mconnel ont est la famille Vachon qui demeure sur la ligne en avant sur la rte 253, de m Rowell et aimerait acheter deux exemplaire de votre livre, ca serait tres apprécié s’il vous en reste, extrêmement interessant…..

  3. claudie azoulai-snarch

    Dear Denis,
    Looked for you this snowy afternoon on the web and came across your exquisite paintings and sketches. Listened to your narrative of your book and recognized the gentle voice of an old friend. Hasn’t changed much. Would love to buy a copy of your book “Homage to a Rural Life” and, more importantly to get in touch.
    Think of you with fondness and always remember your calm and gentle ways.
    I am proud to still have your mother and calf etching on my wall.
    Claudie Azoulai

  4. art maw

    I have painted with water colours but can never come close to you r talent

  5. Karen Munro-Caple

    This was amazing! Everything about it was so well done. I’ve tried my hand at watercolour in my day and I know how hard it is to handle well and these painting are so beautifully and skillfully painted. The drawing it self, the foundation to it all is really fine! The filming, music and commentary all worked together to give a loving tribute to rural life. Thanks so much.

  6. Isabelle Sauvé

    Dear Lord Sawyerville,
    You have well honored the lives of your people with your talented drawings. You are very skillful at redeeming the past through your artistic vision. Watching your video was a moment of sheer delight.
    I wish that you could accept my invitation to visit Sutton on a Monday afternoon and meet some passionate sketchers. All of them would be delighted to meet you and share their own voyage.
    Lady Sutton

    (editor’s note: – Lady Sutton’s contact information has been forwarded to Lord Sawyerville.)

  7. Dominique Genest

    Merci infiniment Denis pour ton oeuvre magnifique! Elle continue de m’inspirer et m’encourage à continuer. Où puis-je acheter ton livre?

  8. Sally Falconer

    If you didn’t find his book in Sherbrooke you can get one from this site. I bought a copy directly off them – it was a signed copy too! I sent them an email and paid them directly, which I was a bit nervous about, but I got my signed copy via express post really quickly. It is soft cover and really nice. I am very pleased.

  9. Genevieve

    HiI’d like to purchase your book. I lived in Sawyerville when I was a kid and now live in Sherbrooke. Do you have a studio or any place in Sherbrooke where a could buy the book.

    Thank you

  10. Sean Gerrity

    Hi Dennis, Since April refuses to let go its grip on winter here in Montana I have been staying inside and painting with oils on the weekends. I got to looking at your book again for inspiration and decided to look for you on the web. What a great site this is. Your voice got deeper since 1982 in Mexico. 🙂 Happens to all of us I suppose. Hope you and Judy are headed into an enjoyable spring. Love from Kayla and Sean in Bozeman

  11. Don Boucher / Lasalle Que.

    Hi Denis , since we parted company last Wednesday , i have been looking up your name on Google and was not surprised to find , at least , 5 full pages about DENIS PALMER . WOW ! How humble can you be ?? You mentioned that you were married to Judy , a wonderful lady,and have a great daughter that you miss , went to McGill , travelled a lot and that’s it . I did my small share of helping you for two weeks , cleaning up and watching you patiently explaining to the kids what had to be done .I should have Googled you after the first day and would have known who i was working with . Oh well ! I enjoyed my two weeks with you , enjoyed your calmness but mostly the way you paid attention when the kids said something . Hope you stay healthy keep enjoying life and keep doing what you do so well . Don

  12. Yves Bond

    Bravo Monsieur Palmer,
    Nous sommes les nouveaux proprietaires de la ferme de M.Rowell. Toute ma famille avait la chair de poule et les frissons en regardant votre video. Nous sommes heureux de connaitre les origines de la ferme et nous souhaitons pouvoir poursuivre la tradition. Nous allons acheter votre livre. En esperant avoir l’opportunite de vous rencontrer un jour prochain.
    Yves Bond

  13. Dave Armstrong

    Hello Denis!

    I was absolutely delighted today when I came across this website and heard your voice again. I have often wondered where you are and what you are doing. The summers of 1969 and 1970 in Jasper are a long time ago but my memory has not dimmed over time, particularly the Berg Lake hike around Mt. Robson. Your paintings are absolutely wonderful and to hear this video is awesome. Would be delighted to hear from you!


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