When the lockdowns started in March 2020, I was holed up at home, like so many of us, worrying and waiting. One day, I tore photos from magazines and began to assemble the first torn paper collage. After that, I could not stop. The first ones were small and simple; the later ones larger and more complex. It has been satisfying to discover that, after a lengthy hiatus from making art, my eye still serves me.

All photos and text Copyright © Sheila Lindfield

March 2020

Copyright © Sheila Lindfield


Copyright © Sheila Lindfield


Copyright © Sheila Lindfield

Bad Apple

Copyright © Sheila Lindfield

Eyes Looking

Copyright © Sheila Lindfield

The Unravelling

Copyright © Sheila Lindfield

Dirge for a Planet

In addition to being a visual artist, Sheila Lindfield is a retired child and family therapist. Currently, she writes, gardens, sings, and generally manages to stay on her feet through the challenges of these times.

You can contact Sheila at sheilalindfield@gmail.com

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