Art Maw has been featured twice before on this site.  He is the man who built a giraffe out of wine corks, and he told us the story of his Totem Pole.

This time he is introducing us to MyCroft, his Junk Yard Bird.

I will let Art take it from here:

Mycroft is a mythical being created from my imagination (I have a weird imagination), when I found a broken branch on a back road near our cottage.

DSC04511 (2)One of the interesting aspects of  Mycroft is that the back is made from an old board I pulled out of the back of my brother’s truck 20 years ago,  which was full of junk he was taking to the dump. The legs are the only parts I bought – they are rebar.

The rest is made from scraps and the reddish paint is an oops I bought at Home Depot for another project.

DSC04510 (2)Lawrie (my wife) and I thought for a long time before coming up with a suitable name.  The name came to us one night while watching Elementary, which featured Sherlock Holmes’s brother Mycroft.  Our mythical bird was scruffy like Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, hence the name.

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