Mica Angela Hendricks is an illustrator and graphic artist with a career, her own website, and a young daughter who believes in sharing.

Mica is a good illustrator and graphic artist, no question, but it is her collaboration with her young daughter that flips things around.  And  I don’t just mean the art.  This eloquent quote from Mica says it all:

” To me, it’s about enjoying the experience more than the end result.  It’s about combining the “internal” life of an artist with the “external” life of a parent.  It’s about helping your kids express themselves without limitations.  it’s about sharing your passion with someone else.  It’s about taking that thing you love and placing it in someone else’s hands, and trusting that everything will be okay.”

Have a look at their collaboration: http://busymockingbird.com/2013/08/27/collaborating-with-a-4-year-old/


Illustration from http://busymockingbird.com/2013/08/27/collaborating-with-a-4-year-old/


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  1. Althea Taylor

    My 4 year old could have done that, but I couldn’t draw a face if you paid me. My talent ended when I was 4


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